Beautiful hand-painted dinnerware set in two different designs, baby blue talavera and navy blue talavera. Each piece is unique and has passed through a quality control process. This assures you obtain a unique piece that meets all standards for kitchen use. All our products are lead free and fda approved.

Our process:

Creating, designing and painting a dinnerware set takes many days, up to weeks of work. This is partly because the same artisan has to paint all 60 pieces of the full set. This is so that the whole set contains the same pattern. Even if another artisan attempted to replicate the same design each artisan adds his or her own painting style and touches to each piece.

Pre sale

Due to the high demand that we had for dishware last year we want to be well prepared so that all our customers who were not be able to purchase these items in the past have the opportunity to do so this year.

Purchasing process

At the end of this section, you will find the option to purchase any of these sets. The price is the amount of the set that you select that must be paid in full. Once the order is confirmed, one of our team members will contact you with further information and to assist with any questions you may have. The deadline to place the order will be January 31, 2021

Delivery dates

It is estimated that the product will be arriving at our warehouse here in Canada at the beginning of April 2022. We will be shipping the items out to you in the months of April and may.


Shipping cost will be provided once the product is in our warehouse and is subject to the rate of the shipping company. The shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of the set you have purchased as well as the cost of the packaging.